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Walk Carefully, Thar be Sharks About...
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7th-Jan-2012 05:56 am - It's like pulling teeth...
Okay, so I went to the Dentist the other day because I have some REALLY bad back teeth, due to previous fillings falling out and one really bad cavity. It turns out I have to get my two top back molars pulled, and the one with the really bad cavity may need a root canal.

I'm pretty nervous about having to get this done, especially the root canal, because I heard those hurt like a mofo (let's just hope I don't have to have that done.) In a way, I'm also glad because the teeth have been causing some really bad anxiety lately and I'll just be glad to get rid of them and be done with it.
1st-Jan-2012 12:16 am - Happy New Year!
24th-Dec-2011 11:31 pm - Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and has a great Christmas Day!
6th-Nov-2011 12:20 am - Pooh Bear Died...
Pooh Bear died tonight. She was 10.

It happened so quickly too. At first, we noticed that she ws losing weight. We just thought it was her being old, since she wasn't acting any weirder than usual. Then, a couple days ago, she started hiding in this big pile of junk in the basement. I was really nervous about her, since she wouldn't even come out for food. So my Mom and I went downstairs and found her all the way in the back of the pile. I took her out, she was nothing but skin and bones and was breathing weird. I handed her to my Mom, who brought her upstairs, but when we went to put her down, she couldn't even stand. We rushed her to an emergency vet and they put her in an oxygen cage. She got a little better, but when they took her out so we could see her, she went back to the way she was before. They took her into the back, and a few minutes later, the Vet came out and told us that she was dying and that we should be with her. So, they took her into a room and laid her on the table. We were petting her and loving her until the end. The Vet told us that her heart gave out due to old age and that there was nothing we could've done. That still doesn't change the fact that my Bear is gone.

Rest in peace Bear Mama.
6th-Oct-2011 11:08 pm - I found a job!
Finally, after like two years of searching, I finally have a job interview at Target this Wendsday. It's a Seasonal one, and the Overnight shift, but hopefully I can get a permanent position there. If not, I have like five more I filled out, so hopefully one will call me back.

I just hope I can get a permanent position there, because I really freaking need a job.
16th-Jul-2011 02:18 pm - Birthday Today...
I'm 25.

9th-Jul-2011 11:41 pm - Pirate sketch
Here, have a Pirate sketch from a story I'm working on:

4th-Jul-2011 07:14 pm - Happy 4th of July!
Hope you had a good one!
2nd-May-2011 08:47 am - Bin Laden Dead
Bin Laden is finally dead!


I seriously don't know whether to celebrate, or be scared that someone even worse is going to take his place. Hopefully, this sets the terrorist back quite a bit though and they won't be around for awhile.
24th-Apr-2011 06:14 pm - Grandma's Second Surgery...
My Grandma's going in for her second knee replacement surgery tomorrow. I hope this one goes as well as the last one.
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